The Conference is spread throughout three days of about 2.5 hours each day, consisting of  presentations and subsequent structured discussions. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual conference using the Zoom platform is set up with breakout rooms for thematic discussions and virtual “booths”.
A keynote speaker is invited to open and set the tone as well as thematic speakers to give depth to the discussions. 
Guided by the principles and action tracks of the FAO and Food Systems Summit, the Conference is open to all who are keen on discussing and developing key principles and significant actions that contribute to the broader challenges and goals on food security, livelihoods, and climate change. 
The Conference supports the UN goal to transform food systems and to make progress towards achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals; and contributes to the rebuilding “build back better” initiative of the UN food systems. Further, the Conference seeks to generate significant action and measurable indicators through informed discussions and comprehensive analysis of the economic, social, and cultural dynamics associated with land use change in the upland communities in the Philippines.