Food, Forests, and Farmers

Finding Sustainable Pathways for the Future

An Online Conference

22 - 24 NOVEMBER 2021

Mindanao, Philippines

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About the Conference

Food, forests, and farmers touch every aspect of human existence. The state of each is integral to the health of our environment, our economies, and our cultures. It is important to keep relationships among these balanced so that families, communities, and nations can function well. When one fails, the resulting imbalance threatens broader systems of education, health, and economy, as well as human rights, peace, and security. “And in many cases, those who are already poor or marginalised are the most vulnerable”.  

In line with the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and its broader targets to achieve the 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals, this Conference aims to deliver the following outcomes:

Raise awareness and promote discussion about food, forests, and farmers in the Philippines in relation to sustainable food and agriculture and sustainable land management.  

Deepen the understanding of HYV corn cultivation as it impacts smallholder farmers in the Philippines and explore realistic solutions anchored on the principles of sustainable agriculture. 


Generate commitments to transformative action that contribute to global goals on food security and systems and create a system of monitoring that ensures that outcomes continue to drive new actions and progress through the sharing of experiences and knowledge. 


This conference also seeks to contribute to the ongoing workshop series led by Ecojesuit on COP26 and beyond: Stepping Forward for the Global Common Good. Significantly, it aims to share grounded experiences on local adaptations and best practices related to agriculture and food security, land use management, and climate change.