Pamela Joy (PJ) Mariano Capistrano, ESSC-LUCID project PhD researcher, presented her paper Agency and Responsibility: Conceptualizing Responsibility for Structural Injustice in Capability and Development Applicationsat the annual international conference of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) held online and hosted by Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand on 1 July 2020.

A business student asks a farmer about difficulties of smallholder corn farmers in their community (photo: R Javier)

In her presentation, PJ discussed how her interviews with small corn farmers, private financiers, and corn traders, could contribute to a deeper, fuller conception of responsibility within the capability approach. The capability approach is a multi-disciplinary approach to human development which seeks to challenge the concept of development defined by economic growth or by income-oriented measurements of human welfare.

PJ was part of a Young Scholars Panel which consisted of PhD students presenting their current research or dissertation topics related to the capability approach.

An abstract of her paper can be accessed here and a copy of her slide presentation here. A video of her presentation is available to HDCA members on their website.

ESSC-LUCID Project PhD researcher presents at HDCA 2020

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