Julie Transon, remote sensing researcher from the Université catholique de Louvain, conducted a research mission in the Philippines from 9 January to 6 February 2017 to contribute to the interdisciplinary project on Analysis of socio-economical impacts of agricultural land use changes in the highlands (LUCID) funded by ARES. Under the supervision of Dr. Pierre de Fourny, Julie prepared a report compiling corn information collected from interviews, field observations and literature.

Julie Transon inspecting a corn field in the Bukidnon uplands.

Corn Crops in Bukidnon, Philippines: Synthesis from field survey and literature describes the different characteristics of the maize plant such as its morphology, physiology and its development stages. It also reviews the current situation of the Filipino corn crops, including the extent and location of the country’s crop yield, as well as the agronomic practices and corn lines cultivated.

Julie Transon, Andres Ignacio and Brent Fallarcuna learning from a Pulangiyen lady about corn farming in Upper Pulangi watershed.

Apart from her involvement in LUCID, Julie is also part of the Projet of hyperspectral satellite development (THEO – Technologies for Hyperspectral Earth Observation) implemented by the Earth and Life Institute – Environment/Geomatics (ELI).

UCL researcher visits Mindanao

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