Pedro Walpole providing an overview of the local context for LUCID Economics partners and Philosophy students during the research planning session at the ESSC conference area in Sitio Bendum.

From 27 Feb – 16 March 2017, ESSC hosted the LUCID coordination and planning mission held at the ESSC offices in Ateneo Campus, Quezon City and in Malaybalay City with fieldwork to three corn-producing upland communities in Upper Pulangi Watershed, Bukidnon Province as well as interviews with key informants from the private sector along the corn industry value chain.

Visit to a corn-farming family in Purok 6, St. Peter.

The interdisciplinary mission included 13 representatives from coordinating and partner institutions who joined on a staggered basis: Jean-Marie Baland, Ludovic Bequet, Catherine Guirkinger and Clarice Manuel (development economics team), Stephane Leyens, Charlotte Vyt, Pamela Joy Capistrano (philosophy team), Oliver Narreto (geomatics), Andres Ignacio, Pedro Walpole, Sylvia Miclat, Rowena Soriaga and Cherielee Domer (host team).

JM Baland ‘herding his students’ in Sitio Nalumusan.

The mission enabled the visiting Belgian professors to learn about realities on the ground with local researchers, discuss research methods, brainstorm approaches to raising awareness and communications, and plan subsequent missions.

LUCID Interdisciplinary Team holds 1st Mission to the Philippines

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