The School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University, and ESSC are offering the first lecture in a three-part series on the LUCID Project, a collaborative interdisciplinary research project, and features the research of scholars and development practitioners from the Philippines and Belgium, from the fields of geoinformatics, development economics, and philosophy.

In this first lecture, Andres Ignacio, PhD, ESSC Planning Director and Geomatics Manager, will speak on land use impact assessment, and how the use of various Geomatics technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing, etc.) are used in understanding social justice questions.

This lecture series on the LUCID project hopes to share an example of how interdisciplinary research for development can inspire future research and bridge different cultural gaps – between researchers and practitioners; between researchers, practitioners, and the people who experience the heavier impact of structural injustice; and between mainstream society and its marginalized sectors and communities who are at the core of these issues.

This lecture is on 20 September 2022, Tuesday, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM at Faber Hall (FH 101) and will have both physical and online participation.

The lecture is available here.

Lecture series on the LUCID project: Land use impact assessment and the use of geomatics in understanding social justice questions

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