Clarice with Prof. Jean Marie Baland of the Department of Economics at the University of Namur in Belgium.

Clarice Manuel is a researcher seconded by Ateneo de Manila University to Environmental Science for Social Change to undergo studies in Belgium with scholarship from the collaborative project on Land Use Change Impacts and Drivers (LUCID).

In July 2017, Clarice completed her studies in Advanced Master in International and Development Economics jointly organized by Université de Namur and Université catholic de Louvain. Prof. Jean-Marie Baland served as her Promoter and Sophie Van Damme as Tutor. The advanced master degree is a prerequisite for further studies in Doctor of Philosophy in Development Economics.

Clarice attended coursework in Belgium from Sep 2016 to Feb 2017, joined the mission of project coordinators and partners to Bukidnon in Mar 2017, and went back to Belgium to finish academic requirements from April-July 2017, including a report on Genetically Modified Organisms: A case study on Bt Corn in the Philippines.

Ateneo researcher completes Advanced Master in Economics

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